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Let our lighting specialists design and transform your reception into a spectacular array of colors. With over 300 colors, we can custom design a beautiful light display to enhance any ballroom or ceremony location. Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to move the lights very easy to capture amazing night time photos of your venue lit up from the outside or even uplight trees and gazebos, etc. to create some stunning images for your photographer. We can also light tables and furniture to create a very “chic” look at your reception. Please ask us about the endless possibilities of our architectural lighting!

What is uplighting used for?

Uplighting is the hottest trend for weddings and special events to set the mood or transform a venue. "Uplights" are small lighting units that are placed on the floor around the perimeter of your venue. The lights will illuminate the walls from floor to ceiling with colored light.

A ton of people have raved and recommended uplighting to me but I have been on the fence about it. I am worried that it will make things look that color in my pictures and I also do not want my wedding to look like a club or sweet 16 birthday party. I have seen pictures of pale pink uplighting that was pretty, but I do not like the darker colors. The DJs that we have met with all offer it in their packages so we would not have to go out of our way if we wanted to get it. Here is my reception room. It is kind of dim, so I am not sure how it will be during our evening reception. What is your opinion on uplighting?

how many do you need?

If you have a large number of guests, a big venue, a variety of areas, or items you want to highlight (several different rooms for example, or indoor and outdoor areas), we always recommend more fixtures. It’s always better to have too many than not enough. They never go to waste. There’s always a place to put an extra light, whether it be under a sweetheart table, behind the cake table, etc. Generally speaking, if you have a room diagram or room blueprint from your venue, we can give you a pretty accurate estimate of how many lights we recommend. Chances are, we’ve been to that venue before and already know. Sometimes we can determine from looking at images online, or even from photos you’ve taken. If necessary, we’re happy to make a site visit.

Unlike most, all of our lights are 100% wireless. The lights actually have batteries inside them. This means no messy cords and nothing taped to the floor/carpet. We’ve got the freedom to place lights anywhere we want. When a couple asks me if she can have lights underneath a table, in an unused fireplace, on a mantel, or even on a window sill, the answer is always yes. Recently, we’ve found that function managers at high-end venues actually require vendors to use wireless lights in their facilities. They, just like most couples, don’t want to see wires running all over the room. It’s ugly, and a safety hazard!

LED vs. Incandescent

If you’re looking or shopping for uplighting, this is important. Old school style lights (typically known as Par-Cans) were wired incandescent fixtures, that had white bulbs. In order to make colors, the lights were covered with translucent cellophane colored sheets (gels). Once you turned the light on that’s the color it was, period. Add to that, the fact they were wired lights, used a ton of electricity and got very hot to the touch, and you can see why they’ve gone out of style. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. LED’s are low energy, high output lights. They last for thousands of hours before burning out and generate almost no heat. LED is the future, and it’s already here.

On occasion, we do events where other companies are contracted to provide lighting. We’re fine with this. We 100% believe in free enterprise. If your venue has their own free uplighting, but you want to hire your own and they say no, you should be wary as to why. More often than not, having multiple vendors isn’t an issue. That customization, allows you to more precisely achieve your wedding vision. What we don’t like, is when we’re working with another vendor, and they show up, set up their lights, and leave. What if something happens? What if one or more stops working? These are risks we’re just not willing to take. Not only will we make sure everything remains perfect, but we’re happy to custom control the lights throughout the evening per your requests at no extra charge. You might be surprised how changing the lights after dinner, can re-energize guests after a wonderful meal, and make for a high energy dance floor.

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